Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sad day.

Dear readers,
Today was a sad, sad day. One of those crack-out-the-wine-and-chocolate-and-still-feel-crappy days. My external hard drive bit the dust a couple months ago when my son pulled it off of the island...and I thought that was heart-breaking. Today, I found out that the remaining photos of my children, my videos, my documents, compositions and music, etc might be gone because when I turned on my laptop, it made the "click of death" and said "operating system not found." It might have been from a power-surge from the big storm a couple of days ago, because the charger was still plugged in. I can hardly think about it without crying.  If there are no photos of the Honeybee jacket that I've been working on-that was ready to be posted about-for a little bit, it's because I'm without my beloved laptop. I had photos/documents stored on my husband's computer from things "pre-children" (about two years ago), but everything after that might be gone if we can't get it restored. Uh! The catcher is that about a few days ago, my gut was telling me to at least back up my photos because I don't want to have another "episode" like the external! The other catcher!!! husband was going to give me a new external for mother's day!
Losing documents and such is a huge downer, but losing most of the photos of your children's first year- -in-a-half is devastating. This sucks to smithereens... learn from me.


Awesome Mom said...

I feel your pain. I lost a lot of pictures that were supposedly safely backed up on our external hard drive. The one we had picked was a dud and randomly stopped working and will not work at all and we can;t get anything off of it. I am super paranoid now and have all my pics on a flash drive and back them up online. I hope you can save the pics!

Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

It is possible that you lost some critical pieces of the operating system but that a lot of your pictures and irreplaceable items are still there.

Go to the electronics store and price a hard drive enclosure. This is just a box with cables that you can put your sick hard drive into. It will have instructions and/or the guy at the store will help you.

Then take the hard drive out of the dead laptop and put it in the hard drive enclosure. Borrow another computer, boot up and look at the hard drive as a now-external hard drive. Bet you can save some of your data!

Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

Oh, and make sure you get the right size enclosure for the laptop drive. Laptop drives are smaller.

This trick works with both kinds of hard drives, though, laptop and desktop.

Knitting Up A Storm said...

Thank you. I'll tell my more computer-saavy husband this and see what we can do. Thanks for your help. :)