Sunday, April 22, 2012

The "Dummy Clap" Shawl PDF & Video Tutorial!

The "Dummy Clap" Shawl PDF

Alright guys. I'm officially checking out for the this post will be nice and short. This all took a lot longer than anticipated and I'm cashed, since I had to do everything "off-hours" with the boys and all. The video tutorial will go over all parts of the pattern, so if you don't know how to do things like a "knitted cast on," or "Co1 using a twisted loop" or want to see how the stitches get dropped...there you are. :) I hope you all enjoy the pdf/video. It's long over-do, I know. (You might have to update your acrobat reader for the font.) once you click on the pdf button, it will bring you to acrobat, and hit the "download" button on the top.

dummy clap

(Check out the full pattern page of the shawl on this blog.) 

See ya!

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Rachel said...

This looks really helpful. As a new knitter there's always something in each pattern that seems scary and difficult and puts me off so this is a great idea to de-scary it!