Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Modular Striped Vest: back complete

A good start to the new year. The Modular Striped Vest is well underway. The backside is completed, which leaves me a little exhausted to knit up the exact same (monotonous) 4 squares again...but half done with the vest, nonetheless.
I'm still tinkering around with the layout with the squares. I might switch the upper left and right squares. This is exactly why I refused to pick up stitches and follow the pattern of the decrease lines both going "/" on the left side and "\" on the right side. It looks better as an "X." I plan on crocheting the squares together instead of sewing it...and don't forget my I-cord edging idea. Also, no collar and no buttonhole. I plan on doing the button like Jake's "Ribbed Baby Jacket."

I might put this baby on hold so I can dye up the brown colorway that I need for the edging of the "Roundabout Shawlette" that I haven't quite finished completely. The hubby got me a yarn swift that hooks onto the edge of the table for Christmas (I had a solid wood tabletop version that is adjustable through pegs) so maybe it will be easier swifting.

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years. We are back on track for exercising. . .you know how that goes. I fully intend to slim down this year, so people can stop asking me whether or not my "not-fully-bounced-back-yet-from-twin-baby-fat-and-c-section pouch" body is expecting! Just a few people, and mostly middle-age men or older. Boy were they embarrassed. Especially the one helping me buy the stinking elliptical. Duh.

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