Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My boys will finally be reunited today

Just popping in real quick to give you all an update. I'm leaving soon to finally pick up Jake from the hospital! Sam has been home for two weeks now, which is why all has been quiet on the homefront. Jake has had little "episodes" with his o2 saturation, which is why his discharge has been delayed for two weeks. Every time he was about to be discharged, he had a little spell. Now, after being spell-free for 5 days (again!), we have an apnea monitor for him just in case. Sam, on the other hand hasn't given me much rest, even though it was like having a singleton home for the first two weeks. He, like his brother (but having it much worse) has GERD (acid reflux), and has been spitting up a lot in the two weeks...and would only sleep for about 30-45 minutes and then until his next feeding would wake up every 5 minutes grunting in pain...or grunting just to grunt. Sometimes it is hard to calm him, as he will turn red and squirm because the acid is coming back up through his throat, mouth and sometimes nose. I have had a couple of scares where the milk in his nose solidified and he couldn't breath and I had to suction him. That only made me check on him with every grunt at night afterwards. They are both on medicine now, and Sam had to have his meds reevaluated yesterday because it didn't seem to work. Today, he hasn't spit up anything measurable today and might be less irritable, but lets see. Luckily, Jake is a easy burper and sleeper.
Sam is 4Ibs 13oz and Jake is 6Ibs 5oz. Jake is growing so much that I'm starting to get one preemie looking baby, and one chubby newborn looking baby. lol.
Wish me luck and better sleep (somehow) and for the babies to mature inside. That's what I want for my birthday in a few days...and for Christmas!

Here's some older, but cute pics of the babies:
(above: he outgrew this outfit already)
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