Friday, November 05, 2010

Preemie Ribbed Cap (Free KUAS Pattern)

preemie ribbed hawkeye cap

Now the babies are showing some Hawkeye spirit! I just couldn't stand looking at their heads swimming in all of the newborn hats, so I decided to make a preemie hat with some pep. I purposefully made a ribbed hat to mold of the babies' heads and grow with them. Hope you enjoy the's a quick and gratifying knit for all of the preemies you come across in your life.

This type of ribbed or striped hat is nothing original...but here's a pattern just for the tiny-weensy size.

preemie ribbed hawkeye cap

Preemie Ribbed Cap:
Yarn: lightly worsted weight or DK yarn (a yarn that recommends size US7 needles)in two colors. Less than 70yds per color.
Needles: Size US7 straights or Dpns
Gauge: approx. 5 stitches=1'' (lightly stretched); 6 rows= 3/4'' (18 rows=2.5'')
Measurements: unstretched= 3.5'' wide; stretched= approx 5.5'' wide; 4.25'' tall

Co 51sts with size US7 needles.
Add 3 or 6 extra sts if the baby's head is larger than most preemies, or if the baby is just about newborn size. Also, I chose the MC and CC because we're Hawkeye fans, but use your own colors to suite your needs.

The Main Body:
1. Using the Main Color (MC) black, knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing (*k2,k1* on the right side and *k1, p2* on the wrong side if you're just using two needles).
2. Switch to the contrasting color (CC) gold without cutting the MC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
3. Switch to MC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
4. Switch to CC and knit 6 rows in 2x1 ribbing.

Decreasing for the crown:
5. Cut the CC, leaving a few inch tail, switch to MC and knit 2 rows in 2x1 ribbing.
6. *K2tog, p1* across.
7. *K1, p1* across.
8. K2tog across.
9. Purl across.
10. Cut the MC, leaving a long tail of several inches. Pull the darning needle through all of the stitches left on the needles and secure with a knot.
(11.)Sew the hat together if you used the two needle method.
12. Weave in all threads.

Feel free to add a pom-pom in the two colors for some extra pizazz.

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