Friday, October 29, 2010

Now announcing....

jake and sam
Both born 10/28 at 8:35am, little Samuel (2Ibs 13oz) and Jacob (4Ibs 1 oz)!!!

Here's the short story, since I'm still in the hospital recovering from my C-section and I'm pretty pooped:

Tuesday, a week and a half ago, my obgyn found out that I was 2cm dilated and was worried about preterm labor, of course. She set me up to have another NST and doctor check-up 2 days later (Thursday) where I was still the same but the NST showed signs of contractions every 8 minutes. At that point, I was admitted into the Labor Center to stop the contractions, and I spent the day getting shots and steroids to help the boy's lungs to develop faster just in case I was to deliver anyways. I was sent home that night instead of spending the 24 hours and was scheduled for a Monday checkup and NST, which was fine. However, they also scheduled me for another Level II ultrasound because the Tuesday ultrasound showed a weight discordance between the boys of a pound. (Really, this IS the SHORT story.) At the level II, the doctors found that Sam was 2 pounds and 11 oz and Jake was 3 pounds 15 oz and that Sam's placenta was starting to actually revert in blood-supplying performance. The doctor says that because be didn't gain really anything all week and the Doppler showed a weaker supply than his was possible that keeping him in there longer just more maturation could actually cause more problems and possibly death if long enough. He recommended a C-section THAT NIGHT or the next day or so.
Still in shock, we waited for my regular obgyn to give me a call and give her opinion, which was the same. Freaking out, that evening we got our affairs in order and Thursday 10/28, I was C-sectioned at 8am. (Scariest event of my life, and if you guys want that story and what it's like, maybe I'll tell the tale later.)

The boys are doing well. Baby Sam, even though a pound smaller, is breathing well and is in an incubator, while his brother Jake was on a breathing machine and has done a lot better to the point where he is aided with oxygen with just one of those breathing tubes instead of a mask. They both now have wires hooked up all over them and one running through their mouth, but they both seem to be doing better and better with each visit and not only little sam sucks on his pacifier...we found out last hour that Jake can do the same, if motivated. We left them both happily sucking on their purple hospital pacies. (Little sam will actually hold the pacifier with his little hand too.)

As for me, the "day after" isn't fun at all. The morphine that lasts for 24hours really shows how important the medicine was...and the nurses kept telling me to stay on top of the pain because it's hard to control it once you get beyond 3 or 4 out of 10. Well, I was doing fine until the afternoon today where I really started feeling the incision, as well as backpain. I've been popping pills like a madwomen to get it controlled again and I'm looking forward to finally getting past the little "pain hump" of a couple of days (or so they say). I will be released Sunday, and have not held my babies not know when they will come home (Sam might come home sooner than his brother if he keeps it up, as well as his weight). I ache that my babies will stay in the hospital for maybe a couple of weeks or longer.........(their due date was 12/11/10)

I still can't believe I'm a mommy and I still look at their itty bitty, fragile bodies in amazement and awe.
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