Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Ribbed Baby Jacket

little ribbed baby jacket
Well, we are officially moved into our new home (although there are plenty of boxes to unpack still)! We have painted the baby's room light yellow, and the office a light steel blue, and are feeling more and more comfortable in this new environment. It is a really strange feeling living for the first week in the buyer's home...but I think it's starting to go away as the days go on.

Above is a photo of a new baby jacket project that I started. I'm dubbing it the "Little Ribbed Baby Jacket." It's a sideways construction, which makes it more interesting to the eyes and easier on the hands as it requires less sewing in the end. I'm using some of the babies' clothing to judge how much and far to knit for size 0-3 mos since I'm doing free-style as usual.

Since our house isn't completely unpacked, I'll give you a preview of the only finished room in the house, the kitchen:

I'm in love with it, and the large island inspires me to cook & bake. I've already been adding little "Fall touches" around to make it cozier and christened the oven with a pumpkin pie!
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