Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick hello.

Still alive. It's been blazing hot in our top-floor apartment, so not much in the ways of knitting...but I do plan on showing you the booties and matching hats once the hats are completed. I've also been packing because our closing date is in the middle of September. Other than that, reading some mystery cozies on the couch, craving to make some fluffy cupcakes and apple turnovers, and watching way too much Foodnetwork besides working my two jobs. I'm really, really wanting the weather to finally cool off, and everything Fall is swimming in my head.

25.5 weeks, probably 11-12 weeks to go for twin births. What I do know is that two babies are heavy, and they both like to head-butt me since they both head-down and it feels weird!

Update: I have forgotten to show you this ridiculous photo of a fleece baby carrier, found on uniquedaily.com. It is, what I can only imagine, a fusion of a kangaroo pouch and what seems to be an alien emerging from her stomach. Creepy.

If this doesn't make you laugh or smile, I don't know what will...

Bet that kid's face is cold still.


Rachel said...

Oh wow, that photo is just disturbing, ha ha!

I know what you mean about fall; it gives one a feeling of excitement, doesn't it?!

Ilix said...

Lol.... wow, I wonder if people buy that??!