Friday, May 21, 2010

Let me know.

Just stopping by. Don't have pictures yet, but I did visit a local knitting shop that was going out of business and put a little dent in the pocket for the two rugrats in my belly. I started a blanket with yarn that I purchased a while back, but decided against thin yarn (I have two of these things to knit up), and frogged it. I'm now knitting with a half wool/acrylic blend that is almost like unspun bulky wool. I plan on knitting a good chunk of it at the week-long reunion coming up.

Anywho, I just wanted some thoughts from you mothers who have delivered multiples. I used to be hard-core on the C-section notion (about 80% of expectant mothers now have them if they have multiples) because I watched/heard stories about how mothers went through hours and hours of labor just to only have to do the c-section anyways. One example was two of the heads was at the exit or another was one was in the correct position, but the other turned the opposite way. I just don't really know yet what the true risks are for a C-section, which is something I plan on asking my doctor at my Tuesday visit for a second ultrasound. I was working the other day when I asked a lady who had twins if she delivered naturally, and she said "yes," and without any problems. However, this was her second pregnancy...they supposedly get easier by the pregnancy.
Let me know if you know someone or you yourself have gone through a multiple delivery.


Nikki Elisabeth said...

Hey Anna,
I work with some people involved with maternity stuff over here in New Zealand where VB is much more common. I'll have a look round and see what I can find for you.

Good luck with all the research! Can get a bit overwhelming... even with just one ;)

KnittySue said...

My sister had triplets and the c-section too (almost a given with 3). She did great and the babies were delivered very quickly (all within a minute) My niece who has 2 (yes2)uterus/cervixs was terrified to have a C but had no choice...and after texted my expecting daughter "piece of cake" who delivered the next day also by c (due to baby size and high BP) So c's are nothing to fear especially if there is any distress or question of mom's ability to deliver naturally. I had mine natural but both my daughters had c's and big babies. They healed up remarkably fast. I say always follow the Dr.s recommendations as they follow your pregnancy.
Sorry this is long...I'm so excited for you having two!
Keep us posted ...your in my thoughts and prayers...OH and I really can't wait to see what those needles whip up for those two. *v*

Rainlover said...

My sister had twins. One was natural and one was c-section. She really didn't talk about how either one was bad, just she didn't like the healing time for the c-section. She also delivered very quickly (and early as I'm sure you know is quite common)

Marissa said...

The best advice I can give you is to do your homework(research), talk to your doc, and keep an open mind! Life has a way of getting in the way of our plans. Just go with the flow; knowing what to expect in each circumstance will help you make decisions as situations evolve. Congratulations on your pregnancy- I'm looking forward to your multiple baby knits!!