Monday, October 19, 2009

Parade of photos coming...


Hey Gang. Due to the fact that I have 900 pictures just on the honeymoon alone, I've decided to break of the next posts with a bunch of pictures from various topics of the wedding and honeymoon so I don't overwhelm you with just one post with a gazillion of photos. I'm also in the process of creating a photo-movie, and I'll upload it to youtube when I'm finished so my family and friends can view it as well. Please be patient with me, as there is a lot of editing to do, but my goal is to post each day with something new from our wedding/honeymoon. I'll probably have to start with the honeymoon first, as I still don't have the files to the photos yet. Whaa! (I do have a good portion of the hard copies that I've been showing everyone at work,...and they are fabulous!!)

I've been knitting a little bit to, believe it or not (I bearly believe it), and casted on for my Halloween Stockings that I plan on using as part of a costume, so a post on our Fall/Halloween festivities will appear in the shuffle of posts. Something (or "things") might be felted too...

p.s- the flower above is one of the many, many tropical flora I took pictures of during the honeymoon in Hawaii.

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