Saturday, August 29, 2009

34 days.


Our napkins have arrived. I think our guests will get a kick out of them, don't you think?


Also, we have sent out 110 invitations, 240 guests. Now if making those invitations wasn't pain-staking, I don't know what is. The ones sent out actually had a heart-stamped seal, unlike the picture above. I've gotten great reviews of the invite, so I'm glad it all was appreciated. So far, we've gotten 99% yeses.We also just visited our catering company's tasting. Let me tell you...the food was excellent! Scrumptious! I brought my friend Jenna, Joe and my mom along, and everyone was surprised on how great the food looked and tasted. My guests' tummies will love cocktail-hour and dinner on our wedding day. (And of course the sweet table, after we decide what we want on it!)

As for other wedding plans accomplished, we finalized our florist, got most of our wedding paperwork sent it, got our wedding marriage license bought(!), got half of our wedding party's presents bought, got the tux place and pieces figured out, got our readers picked, got our music planned, got our hotel and flight confirmed for Hawaii(!), and got our apartment booked!!

Yay! We move in Sept. 17th! (The funniest part is that it's a block and a half away from my parents! Ha!) I'm already decorating in my head. Paint. Couches. Knitted placemats.

italian stuffed pepeprs

I made an Italian Stuffed Pepper dinner some nights ago. It was a big hit. I used Orzo, instead of rice, parmesan cheese, and added Italian spices, including my oregano plant that is still kicking 'n breathin. Mmmmmm.....

schaeffer yarn

And finally, for today's show, I've finally found out what I would like to use my Schaeffer yarn for! I bought the perfect pattern for it, which I'll reveal in the next post! Stay tuned!
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