Sunday, May 17, 2009

The wedding shrug, v.1

purple 09 flowers 2

Spring is finally here. The breezes are warmer, the flowers are out...and we are all feeling like it's darn tootin time. Everything is soo photogenic, and I couldn't resist taking a bunch of photos to share with you all.

white 09 flowers

purple 09 flowers 3

white 09 flowers 2

purple 09 flowers 4

learning to pick up stitches right

Refreshing my memory of the "correct technique" for picking up stitches along the edges of the stockinette.

wedding shawl-picking up stitches

Trillions of hours later: picking up the 230 stitches to garter around the shrug.

wedding shrug outside

The side of the shrug.

wedding shrug back

The back of the shrug, and why I am going to make version 2. The pattern and picot edging will stay, but it will be smaller lengthwise and widthwise and the garter boarder will be knit simultaneously with the lace. The yarn in the current shrug is great (I would use it again for the Abriana cardi), but who can resist a cashmere blend?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful shrug! And I love the blossom pictures, I live in orchard country so it's always beautiful here this time of year.

Bobbi said...

Your shrug is gorgeous!

Rachel said...

That looks lovely on you!

Alice McElwee said...

The blossom pictures are so stunning! I wish spring lasted a wee bit longer where I am. Texas simply runs full on into a very long, very hot summer. Today, however, is rather nice and surprisingly cool out. I'll enjoy it while it lasts..all 4 hours of it.

Your shrug is gorgeous! I love how it turned out!

Rosie said...

Lovely shrug! I can see what you mean by making it slightly smaller. I love it though!

Bette's Bags said...

Congratulations! That shrug is beautiful!

Fjellrosa said...

woooooow LOOOOVE the flowers, and alott gooodies you are knitting I must say!!!! Greetings from Norway