Thursday, January 22, 2009

And so it begins

Jeepers creepers. Where has the time gone? I've got under 8.5 months left before the big day and I still feel 15-20 pounds out of shape for it. Call me insane, but I can't have all of the cousins twice as skinny as the bride. Not even kidding...most are like 100 pounds. It just feels wrong.

My foot is far from healing, so the least intensive thing I can think to do (besides crunches and all that good stuff) is swimming. My swimsuit from 11 years ago (yeah, I know...that sucker just held out for me) finally got replaced the other day for a dark blue number. After having my old one basically be a chest peep-show for all the guys (as well as little rips starting in the behind area), I knew it was time to bite the bullet and fork up 60 dollars for a new one. And that was with the sale! Chlorine and hair (especially blond hair) doesn't mix too well, you know, so I also had to buy a rubber cap for my head. I had a heck of a time trying to put it on for the first time, but you know what...not only did I feel like a legit swimmer (despite my crappy technique), but I felt like it was easier to swim and my goggles fit more properly along my eyes.

Ok, here's the start of the first of many overviews:

The work-outs
Sunday: 20 minute swim
Monday: (30 minute swim? Can't remember if my mind is just making this one up)
Tuesday: 30 minute swim
Wednesday: 40 minute swim (all sorts of ways to swim), stretching, plus a few crunches
Thursday: 40 minute swim, 5 minute leg extensions in water, more stretching, crunches
Friday: Streching
Saturday: 60 minute swim & lots of stretching in water
The diet:
Sunday-Tuesday: Cereal, sandwiches for lunch & dinner-?
Wednesday: Turkey & egg sandwich, cereal & grapefruit, home-made chicken soup & salad
Thursday: Lean egg pocket, chicken soup, salad, healthy tv dinner
Friday: Weight watcher's breakfast quasadilla, BLT sandwich, tacos
Saturday: W.W's breakfast quasadilla, Turkey sandwich, 2 chocolate nuggets, smoothie & rice

Weight-loss total: 7 pounds!!!

Side-note for all you Twilight fanatics: I'm 1/3 through Breaking Dawn. If reading burned calaries, I probably wouldn't have to worry about weight-loss at all. ;)
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